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Publicaciones 2021-2022

Instituto de Física de Líquidos y Sistemas Biológicos

Publicaciones 2021-2022

Molecular dynamics simulation of the heart type fatty acid binding protein in a crystal environment
Espinosa, Y. R., Alvarez, H. A., Howard, E. I., & Carlevaro, C. M.
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 39(10), 3459-3468 (2021) [DOI]

Stability and conductivity of proppant packs during flowback in unconventional reservoirs: A CFD–DEM simulation study
Vega, F. G., Carlevaro, C. M., Sánchez, M., & Pugnaloni, L. A.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 201, 108381 (2021) [DOI]

Enhancement of the flow of vibrated grains through narrow apertures by addition of small particles.
Madrid, M. A., Carlevaro, C. M., Pugnaloni, L. A., Kuperman, M., & Bouzat, S..
Physical Review E, 103(3), L030901 (2021) [DOI]

Escuela y diversidad cultural en la educación primaria de personas jóvenes y adultas en Santiago del Estero, Argentina.
Ithuralde, R. E., & Dumrauf, A. G.
Perfiles Educativos, 43 (2021) [DOI]

Two approaches to quantification of force networks in particulate systems
Basak, R., Carlevaro, C. M., Kozlowski, R., Cheng, C., Pugnaloni, L. A., Kramar, M., … & Kondic, L. (2021).
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 147, Issue 11 (November 2021) [DOI]

Dynamical Renormalization Group for Mode-Coupling Field Theories with Solenoidal Constraint
Andrea Cavagna, Luca Di Carlo, Irene Giardina, Tomas Grigera, Giulia Pisegna & Mattia Scandolo
Journal of Statistical Physics volume 184, Article number: 26 (2021) [DOI]

Equilibrium to off-equilibrium crossover in homogeneous active matter
Andrea Cavagna, Luca Di Carlo, Irene Giardina, Tomás S. Grigera, and Giulia Pisegna
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013210 (2021) [DOI]

Chiral phase transition and thermal Hall effect in an anisotropic spin model on the kagome lattice
F. A. Gómez Albarracín, H. D. Rosales, and P. Pujol
Phys. Rev. B 103, 054405 (2021) [DOI]

Joint assessment of density correlations and fluctuations for analysing spatial tree patterns
Villegas P., Cavagna A., Cencini M., Fort H. and Grigera T. S.
R. Soc. open sci.8 202200 202200 (2021) [DOI]

An algorithm to represent inbreeding trees
Jarne, C., Albarracín, F. G., & Caruso, M.
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 572, 125894 (2021) [DOI]

Multiple pseudo-plateaux states and antiferromagnetic pair selection in the XY model in the highly frustrated honeycomb lattice
F A Gómez Albarracín and H D Rosales
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 33 185801 (2021) [DOI]

Topological phase transition driven by magnetic field and topological Hall effect in an antiferromagnetic skyrmion lattice
M. Tomé and H. D. Rosales
Phys. Rev. B 103, L020403 (2021) [DOI]

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