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Publicaciones 2019-2020

Instituto de Física de Líquidos y Sistemas Biológicos

Publicaciones 2019-2020

Fractional antiferromagnetic skyrmion lattice induced by anisotropic couplings
Shang Gao, H. Diego Rosales, Flavia A. Gómez Albarracín, Vladimir Tsurkan, Guratinder Kaur, Tom Fennell, Paul Steffens, Martin Boehm, Petr Čermák, Astrid Schneidewind, Eric Ressouche, Daniel C. Cabra, Christian Rüegg & Oksana Zaharko, Nature volume 586, pages 37- 41 (2020). [DOI]

Controlling a complex system near its critical point via temporal correlations
D. R. Chialvo, S. A. Cannas, T. S. Grigera, D. A. Martin, and D. Plenz, Scientific Reports, vol. 10, iss. 1, 2020. [DOI]

Machine-learning-assisted insight into spin ice Dy2Ti2O7
A. M. Samarakoon, K. Barros, Y. W. Li, M. Eisenbach, Q. Zhang, F. Ye, V. Sharma, Z. L. Dun, H. Zhou, S. A. Grigera, C. D. Batista, and D. A. Tennant, Nature Communications, vol. 11, iss. 1, 2020. [DOI]

A dynamic cell recruitment process drives growth of the Drosophila wing by overscaling the vestigial expression pattern
L. M. Muñoz-Nava, H. A. Alvarez, M. Flores-Flores, O. Chara, and M. Nahmad, Developmental Biology, vol. 462, iss. 2, pp. 141-151, 2020. [DOI]

Otherwise identical particles with differing, fixed speeds demix under time-reversible dynamics
G. Baglietto, A. Seif, T. S. Grigera, and W. Paul, Physical Review E, vol. 101, iss. 6, 2020. [DOI]

What are we talking about when we talk about education and Chagas? A systematic review of the issue
M. Sanmartino, C. Mateyca, and I. C. Pastorino, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Molecular Basis of Disease, vol. 1866, iss. 5, 2020. [DOI]

Differential equation for the flow rate of discharging silos based on energy balance
J. R. Darias, M. A. Madrid, and L. A. Pugnaloni, Physical Review E, vol. 101, iss. 5, 2020. [DOI]

Microwave tomography with phaseless data on the calcaneus by means of artificial neural networks
J. E. Fajardo, F. P. Lotto, F. Vericat, C. M. Carlevaro, and R. M. Irastorza, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, vol. 58, iss. 2, pp. 433-442, 2020. [DOI]

Alternate-current dynamic reorganization and nonequilibrium phase transition in driven vortex matter
M. M. Bermúdez, L. F. Cugliandolo, and G. Pasquini, Physical Review B, vol. 101, iss. 6, 2020. [DOI]

A participatory approach for in-service teacher instruction in Natural Sciences, Environmental and Health Education [Un enfoque participativo para la formación docente continua en la Educación en Ciencias Naturales, Ambiental y en Salud]
A. Dumrauf and S. Cordero, Revista Eureka, vol. 17, iss. 1, 2020. [DOI]

Differences in applied electrical power between full thorax models and limited-domain models for RF cardiac ablation
R. M. Irastorza, A. Gonzalez-Suarez, J. J. Pérez, and E. Berjano, International Journal of Hyperthermia, vol. 37, iss. 1, pp. 677-687, 2020. [DOI]

Molecular dynamics simulation of the heart type fatty acid binding protein in a crystal environment
Y. R. Espinosa, H. A. Alvarez, E. I. Howard, and C. M. Carlevaro, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2020. [DOI]

Effects of fluctuations on correlation functions in inhomogeneous mixtures
A. Ciach, O. Patsahan, and A. Meyra, Condensed Matter Physics, vol. 23, iss. 2, pp. 1-19, 2020. [DOI]

Intruder in a two-dimensional granular system: Effects of dynamic and static basal friction on stick-slip and clogging dynamics
C. M. Carlevaro, R. Kozlowski, L. A. Pugnaloni, H. Zheng, J. E. S. Socolar, and L. Kondic, Physical review. E, vol. 101, iss. 1-1, p. 012909, 2020. [DOI]

A new analogue of islet neogenesis associated protein with higher structural and plasma stability
S. Lynn, Y. Ricardo Espinosa Silva, L. Diambra, A. N. McCarthy, L. Liping, B. Ru, C. L. Román, B. Maiztegui, L. E. Flores, and J. J. Gagliardino, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2020. [DOI]

Renormalization group crossover in the critical dynamics of field theories with mode coupling terms
A. Cavagna, L. Di Carlo, I. Giardina, L. Grandinetti, T. S. Grigera, and G. Pisegna, Physical Review E, vol. 100, iss. 6, 2019. [DOI]

Dynamical Renormalization Group Approach to the Collective Behavior of Swarms
A. Cavagna, L. Di Carlo, I. Giardina, L. Grandinetti, T. S. Grigera, and G. Pisegna, Physical Review Letters, vol. 123, iss. 26, 2019. [DOI]

From skyrmions to Z2 vortices in distorted chiral antiferromagnets
S. A. Osorio, M. B. Sturla, H. D. Rosales, and D. C. Cabra, Physical Review B, vol. 100, iss. 22, 2019. [DOI]

Field-induced pseudo-skyrmion phase in the antiferromagnetic kagome lattice
M. E. Villalba, F. A. Gómez Albarracín, H. D. Rosales, and D. C. Cabra, Physical Review B, vol. 100, iss. 24, 2019. [DOI]

Monte Carlo study on the detection of classical order by disorder in real antiferromagnetic Ising pyrochlores
P. C. Guruciaga and R. A. Borzi, Physical Review B, vol. 100, iss. 17, 2019. [DOI]

Microscopic model for magnetoelectric coupling through lattice distortions,
D. C. Cabra, A. O. Dobry, C. J. Gazza, and G. L. Rossini, Physical Review B, vol. 100, iss. 16, 2019. [DOI]

Multistate voter model with imperfect copying,
F. Vazquez, E. S. Loscar, and G. Baglietto, Physical Review E, vol. 100, iss. 4, 2019. [DOI]

Dynamics of a grain-scale intruder in a two-dimensional granular medium with and without basal friction,
R. Kozlowski, C. M. Carlevaro, K. E. Daniels, L. Kondic, L. A. Pugnaloni, J. E. S. Socolar, H. Zheng, and R. P. Behringer, Physical Review E, vol. 100, iss. 3, 2019. [DOI]

Epidemic spreading with awareness and different timescales in multiplex networks,
P. C. V. Da Silva, F. Velásquez-Rojas, C. Connaughton, F. Vazquez, Y. Moreno, and F. A. Rodrigues, Physical Review E, vol. 100, iss. 3, 2019. [DOI]

Discovery of N-Substituted 3-Amino-4-(3-boronopropyl)pyrrolidine-3-carboxylic Acids as Highly Potent Third-Generation Inhibitors of Human Arginase i and II,
M. C. Van Zandt, G. E. Jagdmann, D. L. Whitehouse, M. Ji, J. Savoy, O. Potapova, A. Cousido-Siah, A. Mitschler, E. I. Howard, A. M. Pyle, and A. D. Podjarny, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 62, iss. 17, pp. 8164-8177, 2019. [DOI]

Uncertainties in the static dielectric constants computed from molecular dynamics simulations
H. R. Sánchez, Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 288, 2019. [DOI]

Hyperuniformity on spherical surfaces
A. G. Meyra, G. J. Zarragoicoechea, A. L. Maltz, E. Lomba, and S. Torquato, Physical Review E, vol. 100, iss. 2, 2019. [DOI]

Velocity profiles in forced silo discharges
M. A. Madrid and L. A. Pugnaloni, Granular Matter, vol. 21, iss. 3, 2019. [DOI]

Sensitivity analysis on imaging the calcaneus using microwaves
J. E. Fajardo, F. Vericat, G. Irastorza, C. M. Carlevaro, and R. M. Irastorza, Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, vol. 5, iss. 4, 2019. [DOI]

Polarized monopole liquid: A Coulomb phase in a fluid of magnetic charges
D. Slobinsky, L. Pili, and R. A. Borzi, Physical Review B, vol. 100, iss. 2, 2019. [DOI]

Self-propelled Vicsek particles at low speed and low density
M. L. Rubio Puzzo, A. De Virgiliis, and T. S. Grigera, Physical Review E, vol. 99, iss. 5, 2019. [DOI]

Low-temperature marginal ferromagnetism explains anomalous scale-free correlations in natural flocks [Le ferromagnétisme marginal à basse température explique les corrélations à longue portée dans les essaims d’oiseaux]
A. Cavagna, A. Culla, L. Di Carlo, I. Giardina, and T. S. Grigera, Comptes Rendus Physique, vol. 20, iss. 4, pp. 319-328, 2019. [DOI]

Two-dimensional Ising model with Einstein site phonons
L. Pili and S. A. Grigera, Physical Review B, vol. 99, iss. 14, 2019. [DOI]

Numerical simulations study of a spin-1 Blume-Emery-Griffiths model on a square lattice
L. M. Luque, S. A. Grigera, and E. V. Albano, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, vol. 2019, iss. 3, 2019. [DOI]

Uncertainties and temperature correction in molecular dynamic simulations of dielectric properties of condensed polar systems
H. R. Sánchez, R. M. Irastorza, and C. M. Carlevaro, Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 278, pp. 546-552, 2019. [DOI]

Chagas and health promotion: Dialogue inspired by the Curitiba Statement
M. Sanmartino, A. Avaria Saavedra, J. I. Gómez Prat, and P. Albajar-Vinas, Health Promotion International, vol. 34, p. I82-I91, 2019. [DOI]

Stability of skyrmions in perturbed ferromagnetic chiral magnets
S. A. Osorio, M. B. Sturla, H. D. Rosales, and D. C. Cabra, Physical Review B, vol. 99, iss. 6, 2019. [DOI]

Nematicity in the superconducting mixed state of strain detwinned underdoped Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
J. Schmidt, V. Bekeris, G. S. Lozano, M. V. Bortulé, M. M. Bermúdez, C. W. Hicks, P. C. Canfield, E. Fradkin, and G. Pasquini, Physical Review B, vol. 99, iss. 6, 2019. [DOI]

The role of hydrophobicity in the cold denaturation of proteins under high pressure: A study on apomyoglobin
Y. R. Espinosa, E. R. Caffarena, and J. R. Grigera, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 150, iss. 7, 2019. [DOI]

Speeding up the study of diluted dipolar systems
D. A. Martin, T. S. Grigera, and V. I. Marconi, Physical Review E, vol. 99, iss. 2, 2019. [DOI]

From frustrated magnetism to spontaneous Chern insulators
H. D. Rosales, F. A. G. Albarracín, and P. Pujol, Physical Review B, vol. 99, iss. 3, 2019. [DOI]

Critical behaviour of microemulsions: Monte Carlo simulations of the Widom model
E. A. Bea, M. L. Trobo, and A. De Virgiliis, Physica B: Condensed Matter, vol. 553, pp. 113-119, 2019. [DOI]

Spin liquids and state selection in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model in corner sharing lattices
F. A. Gomez Albarracin and H. D. Rosales, Materials Today: Proceedings, vol. 14, pp. 72-75, 2019. [DOI]

Phaseless microwave imaging of dielectric cylinders: An artificial neural networks-based approach
J. E. Fajardo, J. Galván, F. Vericat, C. M. Carlevaro, and R. M. Irastorza, Progress in Electromagnetics Research, vol. 166, pp. 95-105, 2019. [DOI]

On the deviation from a Curie–Weiss behavior of the ZnFe2O4 susceptibility: A combined ab-initio and Monte-Carlo approach
J. Melo Quintero, K. L. Salcedo Rodríguez, F. A. Gómez Albarracín, H. D. Rosales, P. Mendoza Zélis, S. J. Stewart, L. A. Errico, and C. Rodríguez Torres, Heliyon, vol. 5, iss. 1, 2019. [DOI]

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